Dracula Simia 3

Monkey Orchid (Dracula simia) These orchids from the cloud forests of Ecuador and Peru are known for their resemblance to monkey faces. The scientific name Dracula simia refers firstly to the two long.

This wonderful orchid started blooming a week or so ago and has reached its most dramatic moment. There are five spidery flowers lined up on one slightly branching stem. I call it the Black Widow Orchid, for lack of knowledge about its real name!

"Black" Orchid by Ronald C. Flores ~ (Miltonia Orchid) Charlotte Greenville and Asheville Platinum Ponds and Lake Management

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The Enchanting Dracula Orchid looks like a monkey :: Dracula venefica; Flowers Winter to Spring producing blooms, successively. Found in Colombia.


Passion Flower Vine* Exotic flowers like these don't have to be limited to tropical gardens. A vigorous perennial vine that climbs via tendrils, the passion flower can be a conversation piece in the garden.

Don’t feed the Monkey Orchids

Image detail for -EVEN Mother Nature monkeys around at sometimes as this amazing orchid shows. The incredible flower appears to have the face of a MONKEY in its petals. The rare .