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Love you to infinity

children's names tattoos for women - like this one a lot! Vic n Christians name on sides and in middle have cross or something representing my faith God

Symbol on my left wrist. A cross for Faith, a lifeline beat for Hope, and a heart for Love; they all connect together. On wrist or left side ring finger.

Maybe Something With A Heart Shaped Lock And A Different Skeleton Key For Each Child

My next tattoo.bird represents me [momma bird] the keys represent my kids.[they hold the keys to my heart] going to get 3 leave space for a if we have a

When I am bigger me and my sis are going to have this tattoo...it is such cool tattoo so if you have a big or a little sis go and get this for you guys ⚓️

32 Inspiring Sister Tattoo Design Ideas


Roman numeral date. Memorial Tattoo with significant date in Roman Numerals. Absolutely love this. The representation, placement, date, that the date is in Roman Numerals, simple script.

Through thick and thin. Infinity heart best friend tattoo.

An infinity heart that says "thick" and "think" so it means I'll love you/be with and for you through thick and thin. Another tattoo for couples, friends or siblings

This is really cute. Could be a representation of kids :) - I adore this! the size is perfect!

Footprint Tattoo This would go perfect with my footprints in the sand tatoo on my wrist!