Messy Curls & Bangs - Hairstyles and Beauty Tips

if I ever get to color my hair again - love this. I love the pretty brown color with highlights & the style too.

hair color inspiration

Face framing highlights overflowing in ombre - exactly what I want my hair colour to be!

We tested EVERYTHING.  Here are the 5 best deodorants for women...

We spent some time testing the likes of Secret Clinical Strength, Degree Motionsense, and many others so that we could find some deodorants that really work.

χτενισματα για ραστα μαλλια τα 5 καλύτερα

χτενισματα για ραστα μαλλια τα 5 καλύτερα

foundation, light blush n bronzer, nude lips, white eyeliner, filled in brows...  mascara.. yup. This looks good for tomorrow. lol

Your eyebrows can make or break your face. Don't wax until they're gone. The more sparce and lighter your eyebrows are, the older you look. Dark, shaped eyebrows actually give a polished, young look to the face. PS I love her hair!