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Through a glass

Through a glass

Through a Glass Darkly

Through a Glass Darkly is a meditative photo series created by London-based street photographer Nick Turpin that celebrates the beauty of the sti

пейзаж. акварель

Ilya Ibryaev Beautiful effect of light simplicity. Try this to try not to "overwork" your paintings. - ELECTRICITY - Light Painting Effects

When photographer Brandon Seidler began experimenting with chemical manipulations on processed film, he started researching the chemicals he was using to create bold and colorful photographic compositions. He found that the very chemicals that he was using were the focus of a chemical pollutant spill in a nearby area. In an effort to raise awareness of the effect that toxic chemicals can have on our environment, he fuses the actual chemicals with his photographs taken in that area.

Polluting the Film

Chemical-Soaked Photographs Explore The Wild Realities Of Polluted Places, Brandon Seidler