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Lolli -workout with Loish' tutorial on drawing female faces

lenore_lovecat Lolli - warming up with amazing tutorial on drawing female faces.

Like, look, I didn’t sign on to tumblr dot com for George of the Jungle discourse, but I’m just now realizing that this movie may have done the most for destroying my conception of stoic masculinity and gender roles as a child. http://fuckyeahwomenprotesting.tumblr.com/post/151712307055/starline-ms-demeanor-bifca

starline: “ ms-demeanor: “ bifca: “ justplainsomething: “ nakedsasquatch: “ lanawhatever: “ nakedsasquatch it’s ya man ” Okay but seriously folks - as often as I joke about this movie stirs my loins.


David Gilson: Hommage à Elizabeth Taylor



Living Lines Library: Tangled (2010) - Character: Mother Gothel

the-disney-elite: “Jin Kim’s model sheets for Mother Gothel from Disney’s Tangled. Via: The Art of Tangled ”

Kali Ciesemier: “Sam Bosma: “This is a drawing that Kali and I did for our immensely talented friend Jordie. It was requested by her equally talented beau Declan, who simply asked for something.

"Sketching" by May Ann Licudine | Redbubble

Sketching by May Ann Licudine(Mall, Filipino) she provides a link to her video of this sketch {traditional,

speed face by bib0un.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Remarkable Character - Black & White Illustration Design by Fossard Christoph

Sachin Teng Illustration | EDITORIAL

As part of Sachin Teng's 30 day challenge, this was produced for "Your Favorite Season". Although it looks a bit messy from afar, the texture and style of his work is always quite nice and at a constant quality.

(112) expression sheet for my ongoing project! The heroin need some fixes but here is the first pass! | Heads | Pinterest

expression sheet for my ongoing project! The heroin need some fixes but here is the first pass!<<<awesome (most of my art start off as a cat and end up as a unicorn)