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Keyblades (and chakrams). I want to own these keys

Keyblades (and chakrams)

Keyblades (and chakrams). I want them all ♡ ( my kingdom key broke .

STOP TRYING TO MAKE ME LIKE SAIX. UGH. FEEEELLLLINNGGGSSS<<Saïx is one of my favorite characters.

Wow that is so sad, I thought Saix was always the bad guy. Also the thing about Even and Ienzo is so sad.

Re: Coded wasn't much in terms of plot development, but this scene was really moving to me, even if it was between two data versions of the real people

Might be Sora and Axel but I'm pretty sure it's Roxas and Axel>> Kingdom Hearts

KH Spoof: worried by jojo56830.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Every time Roxas says he feels an emotion Axel tells him that it's impossible to feel anything. So, why would Axel be worried?

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