Beautiful Room. <3

Coloring is one important thing when it comes to decorate our rooms. Purple is one of the bright color s and many of us choose purple color for our living rooms. Purple stands for power or royalty.

Quote set on beautiful galaxy watercolor background. Perfect for science classroom decor!

Science Quote Poster #3 - Galaxy Background

I want to do a cool door or board filled inspirational quotes and I also want to have a couple of really powerful quotes framed on the wall too.

Apartment Love by Sunny Days and Starry Nights

*Quite possibly my favorite TheEverygirl home tour so far.* Lauren Mizrahi's San Francisco Studio Apartment Tour // // Photography by Ashley Batz

Blue sofa/sectional, with light cushioned coffee table

Classic Large Sectional Sofa Made from Leather Material: Cool Navy Blue Colored Large Sectional Sofa Idea With Incredible White Tufted Ottoman A Coffee Table On Center ~ SFXit Design Furniture Inspiration

I like purple.

Shade idea-Modern living room with purple rug, chocolate brown sofa couch, purple cushions and brown curtains Gunna try this in our new apartment!

Someday to be so bold as to have a PINK room that doesn't belong to a child...

Enchanted with this color - filled room. Pink chair, pink walls, chevron yellow stripes upholstered armchair and some neutral seagrass or other matting. Love the lamp base as well.

girl's room

Kids Room: Purple Bedroom For A Girl With Purple Curtains Also Black Flooring And White Cabinet Plus Comfy Bed Design Ideas: Amazing Girls Room Design Ideas