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糸巻きボタン、三作目。リボンのような...蝶のような? この糸巻きボタン、トラベラーズノートのチャームにしている人もいるらしい...ふむふむ。

ミムコ on

糸巻きボタン、三作目。リボンのような...蝶のような? この糸巻きボタン、トラベラーズノートのチャームにしている人もいるらしい...ふむふむ。

Dorset and Singleton buttons

Dorset and Singleton buttons

Gombok a szövetből. Mester osztályban. Vita LiveInternet - orosz Service Online Diaries

Here& another handmade button with a long history. Singleton buttons are easy to whip up and a great way to use those precious scraps of pretty fabric.

1 (700x526, 361Kb)

Sakura Saku- Plum blossom button by Yoko Odaria, using the zwirnknopfe technique, with Dorset flower buttons:

Death Head Button Instructions from Wooded Hamlet Designs

Death Head Buttons: Pirates, Posion, and Gentlemen

Pocketful Of Trinkets: Dorset Button Photo Tutorial

As promised here is the Dorset button photo tutorial.please enjoy x Making a Dorset button only requires a couple .

Lace Shirtwaist Button - Soutache - often confused with Dorset Button - Tutorial

Lace Shirtwaist Button - website is missing, but picture seems clear enough