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Oliver Wainwright photographed the mint, apricot and lavender that dominates Pyongyang's architecture.

North Korean architecture washed in pastel colors

El fotógrafo Jesus Chamizo realizo una serie completa que rinde homenaje a las obras más bellas del arquitecto Antonio Palacios en Madrid.

Homenaje a Antonio Palacios, el gran arquitecto de Madrid

archatlas: “ Antonio Palacios/ Architect Jesús M. Chamizo Some of works projected by this magnificent architect, who from 1900 to 1945 transformed the appearance of Madrid completely, (“Palacio de.

New World – oslava architektúry 20. storočia - http://detepe.sk/new-world-oslava-architektury-20-storocia/

The New World revisits anonymous places of the century. It is a story set in a time characterized by the conflict of Modernist and Postmodernist convictions, its influence on later century history and ultimately, the world we live in today.

North Korean Building Interiors  Architecture critic from the Guardian Oliver Wainwright traveled to North Korea during the last summer and he was charmed by the atypical architecture of the buildings. He photographed it when it was empty to document the entire architecture. Constructions with pastel tones and gigantic dimensions that are emphasized by the pictures angle.            #xemtvhay

North Korean Building Interiors

Turns out North Korean interior decorating looks like a Wes Anderson film set