David Hockney English, born 1937 American Collectors (Fred and Marcia Weisman), 1968 Acrylic on canvas x cm x 120 in.

To Shirley Goldfarb, thanks for everything, David Hockney: On David Hockney’s Shirley Goldfarb & Gregory Masurovsky  Earlier this month, I had the p

David Hockney - Shirley Goldfarb & Gregory Masurovsky, 1974 acrylic on canvas, in.

monsieurlabette:  David Hockney - Domestic Scene - 1963

David Hockney, Domestic Scene, Los Angeles, 1963 (painted a year before he visited Los Angeles)

2000s : Paintings : Works | David Hockney Interior with Lamp, watercolour on paper (6 sheets)

David Hockney Interior With Lamp, 2003 Watercolor on paper on 6 sheets, 39 x 75 inches overall