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oh my god this needs to happen and is it wrong that I'm crying???

oh my god this needs to happen and is it wrong that I'm crying? Not sobbing but I have tears on my cheeks.

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Omgosh I can't believe tht was Liam. Poor Liam :(

daddy direction there is No one direction without Liam,, poor liam

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I'm crying. This is so true and so sad. I hope ALL directioners read this and really think and absorb the fact that the boys wont be a band forever and I really hope we all can enjoy and love them while we still can.

Larry imagine I hope this happens

every larry shippers dream.well mine at least.agree of disagree?

Basically whenever they stare longingly at each other and imagine their futures together. | 46 Times Harry Styles And Louis Tomlinson Proved They Belong Together

A popular One Direction ship, Larry Stylinson (Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson). You could cut the sexual tension with a machete.

Just because I ship Elounor doesn't mean this does not make me mad and upset CUZ I AM NOW MAD AND UPSET

What about modest/management huh Elounor shippers who just blame larry shippers for Harry and Louis not being close friends what about "modest/management"