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Roberta Cologni |  Movimento con corallo rosso cm 42x52

Roberta Cologni | Movimento con corallo rosso cm 42x52

Homemade Water filter

How to Make a Homemade Water filter

You are water I’m water we’re all water in different containers that’s why it’s so easy to meet someday we’ll evaporate together.   but even after the water’s gone we’ll probably point out to the containers and say, “that’s me there, that one.” We’re container minders.  — Yoko Ono, Half-A-Wind Show, London 1967

German Water // German tap (drinking) water is NOT treated with fluoride, currently only Ramstein AFB's water is treated with fluoride.

Easy way to incorporate water in the outdoor area. So cool and the children would have a blast.

DIY Water Wall

Fun with water, great recycled plastic bottle project. This could be pretty if you used wine bottles. It's just a matter of figuring out how to cut a hole in the side.

Okay so I have two baby versions of this plant but I don't think we're allowed to hang anything from the ceiling!

String Of Pearls Plant - Tips For Growing A Rosary String Of Beads Plant

Hannah watering a house plant known as String of Pearls. House Plant: String of Pearls After featuring the home of Hannah and Joh.

Une grande partie de l'eau qui est utilisée pour la culture est gaspillée car elle s'évapore au soleil, mais aujourd'hui, nous vous montrons une forme d'irrigation plus sensible et économique: l'irrigation…

Water is a precious resource and is becoming increasingly rare, which is why not wasting it has become a priority which no one can afford to ignore.

Another option is a trickle stream, which is basically a dry creek bed with a pump that recycles the water through the course:

A trickle stream - it has a pump to recirculate the water to the top. For the lower side of the garden where water collects

Simin Qiu, a design student in London, has come up with a luxurious-looking faucet that will save water by turning it into a beautiful, elegant, swirling spiral. Qiu's design works by sending the water through a double turbine, which spirals as water moves through it, creating an elaborate and beautiful lattice of water streams. The turbine also limits the flow of water by 15%!

Student’s Faucet Design Saves Water By Swirling It Into Beautiful Patterns

Water saving faucet designed by Simin Qiu, a student at London’s Royal College ofArt.

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