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Mieczyslaw Berman, Bâtiment III, 1927

Mieczyslaw Berman, Bâtiment III, 1927

David Hockney

photojoiner-this image is special because it uses the shape of the landscape which creates an intriguing artwork

oncealoyallover:  By Yann Faucon

Playing with lightbox and cut outs to create compositions (Yann Faucon)

Mieczyslaw Berman (Polish, 1903–1975) | Lindbergh II | 1927 | Exposure to Russian Constructivist poster design and to collages and photomontages by László Moholy-Nagy, Kurt Schwitters, and Hannah Höch provided sources of inspiration for the Constructivist collages he began to make in 1927. In 1930, when he discovered the political photomontages of John Heartfield published in "AIZ" ("Arbeiter Illustrierte-Zeitung"), his interest shifted to its potential as a political tool.

Mieczyslaw Berman, Lindbergh II, 1927 (photograph of collage/photomontage).


LASZLO MOHOLY NAGY - Fotogramas this is a representation of dadaism as it focuses on the topic of war, however does not use satire to get his point across like artists from the movement did

Hannah Hoch

Hannah Hoch, Man geht mit by on ArtStack

Untitled- Armand Brac (6.6 x 9.5 in, nov 2014)

dailyphotomontage: “ Untitled x in) ”

anthony gerace - collage: There Must Be More to Life Than This

anthony gerace (The Jealous Curator)

Vintage materials and geometrical arrangement - anthony gerace -

What’s Within - by Paul Butler (1973), Canadian

What’s Within - by Paul Butler Canadian