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This amazing video by Spacecraft Films shows the July 16, 1969 launch of the Apollo 11 mission that landed the first humans on the moon. The camera was rol

Apollo 11 Launch at 500 Frames per Second

Apollo 11 Saturn V Launch (HD) Camera by Spacecraft Films. This clip is raw from Camera on the launch umbilical tower/mobile launch program of Apollo July If you like out videos, an amount in the tip jar helps us make more.

#hpmlaunch The First Photographs of Space Travel - Robinson Meyer - The Atlantic  The Saturn V rocket bearing Apollo 11 taking off on July 16, 1969.  (NASA / Breese Little)

The First Photographs of Space Travel

Apollo 11 lift-off seen from the top of the launch gantry, Apollo July 1969

Apollo Landing Sites Spotted in Sharp New Detail

The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter has captured new images of Apollo and landing sites showing the lunar rover, tire tracks, descent stages and ex.

Apollo 8 Saturn V rocket launch (December 21st, 1969) [clip from "When We Left Earth: The NASA Missions" Discovery channel documentary mini-series]

Apollo 8 Saturn V rocket launch (December [clip from "When We Left Earth: The NASA Missions" Discovery channel documentary mini-series]

Esta Es Una Mirada Como Nunca Antes Habías Tenido Del Universo, Y Es Maravillosa

The Known Universe by AMNH - The Known Universe takes viewers from the Himalayas through our atmosphere and the inky black of space to the afterglow of the Big Bang. Every star, planet, and quasar seen in the film is possible because of the world's most c

apollo space program - Saferbrowser Yahoo Image Search Results

Apollo Self-Portrait - In November of Apollo 12 astronaut-photographer Charles "Pete" Conrad recorded this masterpiece while documenting colleague Alan Bean's lunar soil collection activities on the Oceanus Procellarum.

NASA Project Apollo Lunar Module.

NASA Project Apollo Lunar Module.

Apollo Engine Test Fire Inspiring Future Rocket Designs - Space News - redOrbit

To help develop the nation& future heavy lift rocket, NASA resurrected the mighty - the world& most powerful rocket engine ever flown.

This is the cockpit of Apollo 1 after the fire that killed astronauts Grissom, White and Chaffee. Investigators concluded a short circuit started the fire, which spread quickly through the ship's oxygen-pressurized cabin. After the tragedy, Apollo was completely redesigned. (NASA)

This is what Apollo 1 looked like after the flash fire that killed the men on board. It was an enormous shock to the country who was just barely beginning to get used to the idea of space flight.