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The Chromat Hood Cage is made of corset boning and elastic with front metal hook closure. Available in black, white. A showpiece from the Chromat DARK CROSS collection, the Hood Cage was inspire

Goth Ninja - Imgur

Goth Ninja

Gareth Pugh _ Geometric Paneled Jacket If I had this, I'd wear it everyday. It's just too badass not to.

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Cyber goth subculture is a mix of gothic and raver subcultures. Have you ever met these colorful people? Check our gallery and get some bright inspiration!

Cyber Goth Style Inspiration

Eye Detail Cybergoth lines achieved via a liquid eyeliner to add heavy lines, Iris color NOT accurate in this. Side detail of Cyberlox shown at connection point. If wired connection needed the unit houses in her cyberlox blended for camouflage.

woven- details-silhouette Structured silhouettes and woven armor characterize Sarah Ryan's "Fraterna" Graduate Collection


Bionic El Wire Mask

Ok, so I wouldn't actually call this a mask. I am personally not a huge fan of wearing traditional masks. I find them a bit isolating.

Cutout to perfection! Shop your favorite cutout pieces from the #Chromat #Formula15 Collection. Photo by #ChristineHahn

Cutout to perfection! Shop your favorite cutout pieces from the Formula 15 Collection. Photo by Christine Hahn

Amelia Agosta

A recent graduate from RMIT University in Melbourne, Amelia Agosta is an upcoming Haute Tech designer Her final year collection "Engineered Distortion' intricately fused craft and technology, using digital tools such as body scanners and printers.