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So sad :'C

So sad :'C. Why does reality hit me in the face so frickin hard like a stone.

Yep right after I finish a manga book and read a regular one, I'm just like wait a second then flip the book over to the left side xD

Otaku issues # 151 one time my friend caught me trying to read a book right to left. She got very confused. So did I, because it was a regular book

I have a Japanese class so I kinda know how to speak Japanese and  eventually I'll go to Japan so everyone looks at me but happily... And slightly hoping I'll take them with me to Japan... Yes they told me that

(I do this in my head/under my breath and then clap before reminding someone at the table about something they like to rant about in order to take attention away from anything that may have just come out of my mouth in Japanese)

Otaku Issues #48, text; Otaku

When Kirito and Asuna dies in SAO. But they won the game and ended the world and their real bodies dont die. But i was so sad! And when Marco from SNK dies *cries*

Me: Gurl, please. I do whatever the hell I want! *starts rapidly listing my babies*

Of corse I can't love a "CARTOON characters" *pushhhht* NO. *Fangirl mode turned on* I can fall in love with"ANIME characters":)


"Never look at your life as something insignificant. Never forget those friends of yours that you loved.