Black widow didn't ask to go to the red room. Bruce has been trying to get rid of hulk, but he isn't In this.

Stop hating on Bucky, he's the only innocent person of the whole damn group.

bromance, captain america, and bucky barnes afbeelding

Oh my fucking FRICK, let's just call Steve and Bucky two halves of an entire person, Plato style, & save ourselves of this pain. <<<all I can say is "Ouch"

Bucky was the biggest hero in this movie. Fuck he is the biggest hero, PERIOD! Do I sense sarcasm?

Steve and Nat friendship is the best

Steve and Nat friendship is the best. But I don't like the Nat using Steve to open jars one because Nat has superhuman strength

People missing limbs do sometimes experience sensations in their missing limbs. They're called "Phantom Limb" sensations.

Requirement for the "Black Widow" trailer<<<<<<<SPREAD THIS. SPREAD THIS LIKE WILDFIRE!!!!!

Requirement for the "Black Widow" trailer<< I cannot stress enough how much I want this. <<No it needs to be Tili Tili Bom, trust me!