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Imagine the pain of Steve dying being too much for Bucky that he wants to take his own life every single night. The gun shaking in his hand as he rests it on his forehead, ready to leave this life. He doesn't do if because he knows he must take Steve's place. So he finds a way to cope with the pain of losing him by killing. Killing the bad guys, killing those who have done wrong because it's the only thing that will make up for the lives he took when he was used by Hydra.

Is this Bucky? Seb said in an interview that the only thing keeping Bucky from eating a bullet is his connection to Steve. How's that for heart wrenching.


There's nothing to suggest that there was any actual abuse, but the character of Brock Rumlow definitely had it in him. He had a sadistic streak, and treated the Winter Soldier as an object, not a person.

I shouldn't be laughing

They may have made him a merciless assassin, but they'll have to work harder than that to make him stop drinking out of the carton<--this comment man

Woah guys at first I thought it was Steve but it's pre-hydra Bucky w/ the outfit from The First Avenger

Pre-hydra Bucky (w/ the outfit from The First Avenger) overtaken by The Winter Soldier. My heart breaks.

dakotaliar tumblr:  “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger."

dakotaliar: “ What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Made for by DakotaLIAR( MisterLIAR) ”

@дневники — der Spiegelsaal Bucky Barnes the Winter Soldier

— der Spiegelsaal Bucky Barnes the Winter Soldier