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Peter Velikov Art-exlibris.net - ex libris di Peter Velikov per Guus Willemsen

Exlibris by Peter Velikov from Bulgaria for Guus Willemsen - Fauna Horse Insect Horseman/Rider Surrealism - Etching

Olga Krupenkova (Belarus, b. 1969), Bookplate of Stankevich, n.d. American Society of Bookplate Collectors and Designers.

Olga Krupenkova (Belarus, b. Bookplate of Stankevich, n. American Society of Bookplate Collectors and Designers.

Juri Jakovenko

Juri Jakovenko

The Gospel, Gennady Pugachevsky (1991)

The Gospel, Gennady Pugachevsky.

Veselin Damyanov-ves Art-exlibris.net - exlibris by Veselin Damyanov-ves for Dr. Nicolai Loaifov

Exlibris by Veselin Damyanov-ves from Bulgaria for Dr. Nicolai Loaifov - Dog Medicine - (M.

Eugenia Thimoshenko  Art-exlibris.net - ex libris di Eugenia Thimoshenko per? BP

Exlibris by Eugenia Thimoshenko from Belorussia for ?P - Interior Group Literature Man -

Olga Görlichova bookplate (or ex libris), by Jar. E. Zoha (1941). Ex-Libris Art. we love books. we love libraries. we love art. www.armadaistanbul.com www.armadaistanbulculture.com

Zoha / bookplate for Olga Görlichova, 1941 . woodcut image depicts girl taking book from crowded bookshelf, with large letter G in orange

Peter Chinovsky | www.bookplate.org

Peter Chinovsky was born in Sofia, Bulgaria, Aside from his ex libris creations, he has experience as an illustrator and creator of animated films. Also is actively engaged with philosophy and literature.

Art-exlibris.net - Vladislav Kvartalny

View bookplates/exlibris made by Vladislav Kvartalny from Belorussia.

Art-exlibris.net - ex libris di Nurgül Arikan per Nurgül Arikan

Exlibris by Nurgül Arikan from Turkey for Nurgül Arikan - Fauna Mythology Text/Writing Owl - (CGD) Computer generated design