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School Rumble Karasuma avoids Tenma's arrow messages anime rom-com GIF .

That's a pretty clever place to hide it, I'll give him that. Also what anime is this??

Daily Lives of High School Boys ~~ One of the funniest animes ever!

(what we notice) He said curry!!! (what Tenma notices....)He hesitated!!!!

if he prefers you over curry you know it's true love-- Tenma School Rumble

Look closer.

Did anyone else look at the last one and did the shocked anime nose

Daily Lives of High School Boys XD

Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou (Daily Lives of High School Boys) xDDD

AlxMei by  ruinsofxerxes

AlxMei by ruinsofxerxes This is cuteness & cinnamonbun levels of maximum

I literally just watched this episode of Vampire Knight like an hour ago

haha true, honestly I just hope that I can find someone that's just a tad similar to anime characters with their own personality :) because if we (otakus) actually married our "favorite characters" it would be a harem/polygamy.