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Is this another hint at the theory, that the Doctor meets Amy and Rory backwards? Before they fade from him, meaning before they don't know him anymore / yet? #Doctor Who

I am so, so scared that the theory that the Doctor is moving temporally reverse or extremely out of order to the whole Pond family is true. We're watching the Pond saga from the Pond perspective. My heart will break when Angels Take Manhattan.

Rory and Amy <3 The Best Couple in Doctor Who

Please look at the dear on their faces as the woman that was first just an acquaintance that traveled with them every so often, then their list daughter, and then their childhood friend is in danger.

4th Doctor (This is one of the reasons he's my favorite. "I say! What a wonderful butler; he's so violent! Hello.")

Fourth Doctor

Eccentricity: When confronting terrifying monsters, the best course of action is usually to offer them a jelly baby.

Doctor Who; Turn Left; I loved how this episode explored the butterfly affect and how important the Doctors companions are to his mental sanity.

Turn Left < okay, so I forgot about that episode and I just turned left and I saw my reflection and freaked cuz I thought there was someone sitting beside me and oh.

Where do you want to start?    lets start with, just hanging out in the TARDIS. maybe we could make dinner in the elusive kitchen and then tour the library with a pool ! who needs history when you have a TARDIS time will still be there, I mean its a time machine !

I got my first Doctor Who shirt. And I've been a whovian for a long time. They're so hard to find .

The Doctor's Wife....its just an amazing episode. so much of this episode is perfection. I love it.

The Doctor's Wife.its just an amazing episode. so much of this episode is perfection.<<<im still confused as to why it was called the Doctors Wife

Doctor Who Official on Tumblr

Someone threatens to kill him and he just criticizes their lack of judgement. Reasons why I love the Doctor.

Don't mind me... I'm just having some sort of attack brought on by ALL THE FEELS!

Pretty much when I realized that the Ponds leaving was going to be the most emotionally traumatic thing to happen yet in DW.

It was such a basic mistake, wasn't it, Madame Kovarian? Take a child, raise her into a perfect psychopath, introduce her to The Doctor. Who else was I going to fall in love with?

It's so annoying when people ship ten and rose more than river and eleven.