Maybe I won't dread EPP so much after all if I use the fabric glue pen trick, and fantastic text fabrics...

A Return to Paper Piecing

I thought I was done with English paper piecing for a long while after my hexagon pillow , but then I saw this gorgeous project by Marg .

A number of old, yet not commonly seen now, quilt patterns and templates on this site. Border and quilting designs are also given.

Templates for a vintage quilt pattern called Star Bouquet. Visit the original page for more quilt patterns from the same vintage quilt pattern booklet.

Honeycomb Paper Pieces 1''

Honeycomb Paper Pieces 1''

Hexagon tessellation Maybe use for English paper piecing.  Octagon  Honeycombs

Hexagon tessellation---using slighty elongated hexagons like those used in Lucy Bostons Patchwork of the Cross.