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Town of Culver - a Harry Potter inspired town. Dream code totally must visite *-*

River Water QR code

Animal Crossing New Leaf QR codes transparent water pattern/// omg ive been looking for thisssss!

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ACNL Basic Backpack Tutorial - I could be Fionna in my game if I wanted since I already have the bunny hood!

Wait, there's life outside of Animal Crossing?!?!?!

Animal Crossing is my life. My neighbors are sweet animals who love me ! THIS IS MY LIFE

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Yooooo it’s another tutorial! This time on the fun topic of backpacks. I wish they were actually functional but hey-ho you can’t have everything. This is for a super basic one- really just for the.

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So I found some time to make another tutorial! This time on frills and lace. Add that extra bit of flair to your outfits :) enjoy!