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quarzo ametista-foto A.Gamboni

quarzo ametista-foto A.Gamboni

Birthstones By Month Infographic

Birthstones By Month Infographic

♦◊ Gems ◊ Stones ◊♦ An infographic guide to each month’s birthstone. The most interesting facts about the stone or gem symbols about the month you were born.

Chlorite Spheres in Quartz Crystals

~ chlorite spheres in quartz crystals - Koumori adit, Obira mine, Bungo Ohno, Oita, Japan

Green-capped Indicolite Tourmaline | #Geology #GeologyPage #Mineral  Locality: Pederneira Mine Brazil Dimensions: 4.5 x 2.0 x 2.0 cm  Photo Copyright  piatek minerals  Geology Page www.geologypage.com

bijoux-et-mineraux: Green-capped Indicolite Tourmaline - Pederneira Mine, Brazil Omg tourmaline the color of tanzanite……….

Quartz ::   Locality: Ouray, Ouray District (Uncompahgre District), Ouray Co., Colorado, USA - Photo Rob Lavinsky & irocks.com

“Regard man as a mine rich in gems of inestimable value. Education can, alone, cause it to reveal its treasures, and enable mankind to benefit there from.

color elemental

A real good time was had by all creating this collection of fantasy crystal photographs - fantasy crystals in many different colors and shapes. My personal favourites are the two crystal altar images and the crystal sacrifice :-)

Horse Mountain Iris Agate.

Horse Mountain Iris Agate This looks so much like an opal with all that flash and fire.

Designer Druzy Stone Cabochon Stunning Crystals AAA by beadsaddict, $32.45

Designer Druzy Stone Cabochon Stunning Crystals AAA Gemstone 38mm (1849)

Designer Druzy Stone Cabochon Stunning Crystals AAA Gemstone Druzy stones are a perfect 'rough' gem.

Apophyllite on transparent Calcite crystals. Apophyllite helps with cleansing negative energies, bringing into balance, clearing the inner pathways for an expanded sense of conscious awareness and heightened states of Spiritual expansion. Connection to angelic realms

Glassy crystal of bi-color Apophyllite perched atop transparent Calcite crystals. From Jalgaon, North Maharashtra, India-

Apophyllite with Stilbite, India

Green Apophyllite with Stilbite- cleanses and balances heart chakra, letting go and moving froward, developing psychic channels with nature, remove body toxins.

ggeology:  Tourmaline // Madagascar

Watermelon Tourmaline - beautiful crystal creations -were put here for us to enjoy, so stop being afraid of those who try to push new age ideas - crystals DO have healing in them - I have proved it and you can also

Rose quartz encrusted citrine beautiful

This stone is sometimes called the "Pink Tutu" because of its rose quartz frill. The smoky quartz formed first, then the rose quartz. Geologists suspect the pink tint comes from traces of aluminum and phosphorus.

Clear quartz over a pyrite cube on the bottom encrusted with either amethyst or tiny purple fluorite octahedrons then sprinkled with pyrite. Description from pinterest.com. I searched for this on bing.com/images

Quartz on Flourite: from the 2013 Tucson Gem & Mineral Show (photo by Renate Surh) // Crystal Fairy Vibes