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#so65 #nel blu dipinto di blu Zekk's astonishment gave way to scorn. He looked at the black slit in the helmet of the bounty hunter.

Indigo cake for shades of soulful Blues in indigo dyed fabrics.

Made me think it would make a neat quilt pattern  - uneven, The Indigo made me do it. short, strips pieced together - probably wouldn't be easy and may need to be hand-pieced

DIY Shibori

Denim a tapestry of blue and indigo real life textile art

Nilpharmari, a word coined by the British for the growing of indigofera tinctoria, means “the cultivation of blue.” Bangladeshi social enterprise Living Blue farms gorgeous indigo whose aesthetic worth is matched by the community assets it creates on the way from farm fields to an international marketplace thirsty for authenticity and high quality.

Photo by Vanishing Blue, Bangladesh

Tissu bleu nuit à plis

The Colour Edit: Midnight Navy


Blocking in bold blues. one room can be more light/neutral; another could be darker.

Inspiration bleu ardoise

How Are Indigo Shibori Textiles Made / flakes of sun dried indigo are ready to be powdered - Decorator's Notebook

#so65 #nel blu dipinto di blu indigo

#so65 #nel blu dipinto di blu indigo

Colors | Navy Blue by SaraC

Pat Bates - Yunhee Kim - Love this composition and the colours.


Fall 2014 Trend Inspiration: My True Blues

indigo hands  [ Blue, The Coolest Color. CV ]

indigo hands [ Blue, The Coolest Color.

first "homework" in the online indigo workshop

1-2-3 indigo vat and some itajime at the JANM

I like these blue colors. The bridesmaids will have a couple of different blue hues to choose from.

Great woad extraction and drying instructions. Because nobody needs instruction on growing woad....

How to Extract Woad Dye in 10 easy stages - too bad woad is considered a noxious weed in most states.

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"Indigo" "Pride as an individual is often confused with Confidence. To be confident in yourself – one does not need to be any more or any less than who she is. That is to say, one is radiating in their identity.

blue.quenalbertini: Dye blue, coquita

shibori textile using indigo color

~ indigo samples ~ [ CandaceWilsonArtStudio.com ]                                                                                                                                                      More

Go, go, indigo

Lotta Agaton: Blues Blue Linen as Seen by Li Edelkoort via Atmosfar

Color Azul Marino - Navy Blue!!!

Cowboy of Picketwire