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Peter Pan concept art by Mary Blair. Mary Blair is a favorite artist of mine. She created all of the artwork in "It's a Small World" and has worked side by side with Walt Disney himself.

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Mary Blair Concept Art | Mary Blair concept art for Peter Pan

Animation Art:Concept Art, Mary Blair Peter Pan Captain Hook and Mister Smee ConceptPainting (Walt Disney, .

Peter Pan concept art by Mary Blair

Mary Blair Peter Pan Ship Concept Painting (Walt Disney, One can almost hear Peter Pan saying, - Available at 2013 November 20 & 24 Animation.

Peter Pan_ part 2 by ~Giacobino on deviantART

Peter Pan has always been one of my favorite Disney movies, and I almost forgot about it completely until reading "Peter and the Starcatchers" and finding my old Tinker Bell necklace hidden in the dark depths of my room.

Mary Blair concept art for Cinderella   via professorenidgumby.tumblr.com

OBSESSED with Disney concept artist Mary Blair / Original concept painting of Cinderella’s castle from Cinderella