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Babies' brains may be tuned to language before birth Brain imaging shows that premature babies process speech in similar ways to adults.

DNA Brain-- Genetics of Fibrous Dysplasia--- GS alpha protein (chromosome 20q13) activating mutation (affects cAMP signaling pathway leading to increased production of cAMP) D. Hatch http://www.orthobullets.com/pathology/8038/fibrous-dysplasia

Researchers altered a gene in mice to inhibit the activity of an enzyme called which resulted in enhanced cognitive abilities. This research identified as a promising target for potential new treatments.

Wonder: Art and Science on the Brain at The Barbican |  A groundbreaking festival from the Barbican alongside the British Neuroscience Association (BNA) and the Wellcome Trust, attempts to help people get to grips with the mysteries and mechanics of the human mind.

The Risk of Developing Alzheimer’s is Twice as High as Breast Cancer for Women over 60

Ollie Bandana Drool Bib | Hemming Birds Boutique 10 different colors of soft, absorbent double gauze for your stylish little one.  The won't want to take it off :) Unique gift for the mom's who have everything.

Ollie Bandana Drool Bibs are super soft and absorbent. Perfect for your stylish little one and make a unique gift for the mom who has everything for her baby.

Stuffed Felt Alphabet Letter Set

Stuffed Felt Alphabet Letter Set in a Drawstring Bag - Mixed Upper and Lower Case Set

Stuffed Felt Alphabet Letter Set in a Drawstring Bag - Mixed Upper and Lower Case Set. love the magnetic ones.

Top brain scientist is 'philosopher at heart' - CNN.com

Top brain scientist is 'philosopher at heart'

Scan a brain, read a mind? - Over the last few years, researchers have made significant strides in decoding our thoughts based on brain activity. - This story is part of CNN's Inside the Brain series.

Franken Weenie

They like what science gives them, but not the questions science asks, . Rzykruski from Frankenweenie Movie . I think it is great that Martin Landau gave his "Lugosi voice" to this character who looks like Vincent Price.