Eric Kuster

His interiors are sexy, comfortable and opulent. He describes his style as Metropolitan Luxury - the essence being to create ambience, from classical to highly modern. His own fabric and furniture collections are the cornerstone of the lifestyle he pr

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The Netherlands / Head Office / Metro Sneakers / Eric Kuster / Metropolitan Luxury

Desk top setup by its_drei, via Flickr

I like to think that by the second book, Cooper has his own surveillance station set up on his desk. But, as we know, there's no way he'd be able to afford a Mac.


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OKO Design Blog: Eric Kuster - The God of Metropolitan Luxury LIving

The Netherlands / Huizen / Headquarters / Living Room / Eric Kuster / Metropolitan Luxury

Lounge Casa Cor RS into this living room decoration with a art image gallery in the blue color wall cabinet and ceiling lighting decoration is awesome. It's a modern and classic living room decoration.

Confira tendências de decor apresentadas na Casa Cor RS 2015

Chapman House Reception - Morpheus London

The wall divider between living room and dining room .in a satin nickel Chapman House Reception - Morpheus London