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One of my favorite lines that Haymitch says. Haha. OMG THIS SCENE WAS PERFECT!!!!! THIS IS WHY THEY ARE THE MOST PERFECT CAST ON THE PLANET!!!

Did anyone know I was gonna do haymitch? He is funny, yes, but also he was the best possible mentor EVER. He was smart, and he knew how everything was to be.


Somewhere in his tortured blue eyes, I can see the boy with bread fighting his way back to me.

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The different ways she looks at them... Enough said.

Ooo I see <-- Difference between Everlark and Galeniss? Yeah but after she looks at gale she kisses him, so ha.<--- yeah but when she kisses peeta you can see how she really loves him. When she kisses Gale all i saw was sympathy.

First and last scenes in CF

Katniss, Peeta, Gale, Finnick, and Johanna's first and last appearances in Catching Fire.

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True. Most people don't get it or the background

I realized that when I saw the first movie. People were asking other people what it meant at the end of the movie! I was just thinking "read the book people!


I love the fact that he just got electrocuted and HE'S the one comforting HER. This was a great scene to portray their relationship, what they mean and do for each other.