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The $100 .308 Suppressor, That is as good as an $800 one.. New Video 12/29 - AR15.COM

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love this suppressor baffle concept!

Suppressor design and development - Page 5 - : and Off-Road Forum

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Another Joint Force Enterprises custom with a Geissele SMR rail. Love this rail it just might be on my rifle.

Coastal Extreme Duty 5.56mm Sound Suppressor with Flash Hider Mount Disassembly - YouTube

Coastal Extreme Duty Sound Suppressor with Flash Hider Mount Disassembly

MUST remember the moisture control device!

MUST remember the moisture control device!


Gas release holes are not drilled and require drill press. In theory it is not a suppressor because it does not suppress. It is a barrel extender until you get the ATF paperwork, tax stamp, and okay to drill the holes.

Suppressor design and development - Pirate4x4.Com : 4x4 and Off-Road Forum 1.HTG Eureka 5.56mm 2. HTG Aris 5.56mm 3. HTG Universal .22 cal 4. KAC SR25 7.62mm 5. KAC Navy 9mm 6. Gemtech M4-96D 5.56mm 7. Costal ??? 8. SWR Wolverine 5.56mm 9. AAC Scar SD 5.56mm 10. SRT Hurricane 5.56mm 11. Gemtech M4-96C 5.56mm 12. AAC M4-2000 5.56mm or M4-1000 ,M4-2000 07'models??? 13. KAC NT4 5.65mm 14. Gemtech Trinity LID 9mm 15. AAC Evo 9 9mm 16. Gemtech Raptor 3LUG 9mm 17. Brugger &Thomet 9mm

X-ray really gives a neat perspective on the different suppressor/silencer designs

Step side hidden gun storage box.

9 Unusual Hidden Gun Safes To Keep Your Firearms Secure

Running Board Gun Storage for Your Pickup Truck : Keep your vehicle zombie apocalypse ready, sucka.

Slow motion x-ray of a bullet through a suppressor.

educational-gifs: “ How a suppressor works. In this slow motion gif we see the inside of a suppressor (sometimes called a silencer) as a bullet is fired. The baffles inside the suppressor allow the.