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Is it just me or does I get creepier the longer you look at it

The Sheep Cat

It's pronounced, RBF. As in, resting Bitch Face. Not "bitchy resting face"

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gif) Spider cat spider cat Does whatever a spider can Can he swing from a web?

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Fat soft things

dixieandherbabies: Dixie and her babies Woo Hoo! Its the weekend! Were having a cat party!

Cat pulls on a dog’s tongue when he yawns.  -   Google+

This is exactly why dogs are fantastic. 40 Greatest Dog videos- for when you need something to smile about. This yawning dog and his cat.

i have no idea how i got into this position. & i have no idea how to get out.

Animal, I want to hate you…..but I can’t (30 Photos)

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