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October 19th

Fifty Shades of Grey bachelorette cake! Lowry - we should do this, only our cake would be themed "Fifty Shades of Gay.

Surprise Baby! #bachelorettecake

Male Stripper Zebra Bachelorette Cake Here is a fun pink zebra cake I made for a bachelorette party!


26 bolos que você não vai acreditar que são reais

So, my sister made what is quite possibly the most amazing cake ever Davison Davison Packer I see that you are a tad interested in cakes at the not sure if you've seen this, but I thought you might recipe

Porta Alianças

Alianças onde levar?

using the Bible instead of a pillow for the rings. I LOVE THIS IDEA! Probably not having a ring boy but, could still attach the rings to a Bible. Joe and I have been talking and we want to get a family Bible!

Horse cake ( I would feel bad cutting it)

Horse cake- I love this. I would make it white with lots of colors in the mane if I were doing this as a My Little Pony cake for a kid.

fazer suas próprias flores do bolo

DIY cake flowers made out of fruit roll-ups It looks cool.but I dunno about the fruit roll ups on a cake

Love It, Para Mi Despedida De Soltera :)

Corset cake idea for birthday body shape is 2 heart cake pan and breast are made from a sports ball cake pan it's topped with fondant