Spider Cat - San Francisco-based science illustrator Jenny Parks has creatively illustrated an adorable clowder of cats as comic book superheroes, villains and the zombie hunting badass Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead.

Vos chats jouent les super-héros dans ces fantastiques illustrations

Vos chats jouent les super-héros dans ces fantastiques illustrations

animal sculpture | Amazing Animal Sculptures

marielikestodraw: “ wryer: “ Ellen June is an artist from Canada who uses air-drying clay, wire, glaze and acrylic paint to create these amazingly beautiful sculptures of fantasy animals.

Loki • [I'm Friends With The Monster]

I've never done a rap video before, but I just love this song. Song: The Monster Artists: Eminem ft.

Hello Kitty Makes Everything Better!

hello kitty avengers-i don't even know why this is funny --- Omfg they have bows in their hair! LOOK AT THOR!

cat loki - Google Search

A request, I told them I'd do a Loki Kitten after my Tony Stark Kittens because she really likes Loki. I added the oversized helmet as requested by my other friend who also adores Loki, but I mean .

Thor | "Catvengers" Will Save The World With The Power Of Cuteness


Who could look in those soulful eyes and still want to destroy the Earth? Illustrator Jenny Parks captures the personality of each S. member it cat form.