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Ben Johnson | Alhambra 2 (2016) | Available for Sale | Artsy

Available for sale from Paul Stolper Gallery, Ben Johnson, Alhambra 2 Acrylic on aluminium panel.

Geometric Art, Geometric Patterns, Mind Games, Tiling, Arabesque, Islamic, Brain Games

Moroccan Mosaic Design

I spent the bulk of the morning at the passport office in Seattle to replace my passport that was stolen by three Artful Dodger types in the.

Geometric Patterns, Islamic Patterns, Islamic Art, Arabesque, Geometry, Stencil, Groomsmen, Tiles, Tiling

Decorated area from the Alhambra, in Granada, Spain, showing Geometric Pattern using ceramic tiles, mosaic or pottery.

Image SPA 0807 featuring decorated area from the Alhambra, in Granada, Spain, - Alhambra Town Granada Region Spain Dynasty Nasrid CE century AH century Canon Geometric Pattern Feature Decorative Panels & Decorated Areas

Islamic Patterns, Geometric Patterns, Arabesque, Spirals, Fractals, Geometry, Tiles, Blue, Room Tiles