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A beautiful, elegant water filtration system that utilizes a glass carafe and biodegradable filters made of coconut shells, silk, and a plant-based casing.

The Inside Out Champagne Glasses ($70 for two) from the MoMA store feature a modern design: exteriors shaped like a water glass and an interior styled like classic champagne flutes.

Modern, High-End Glassware For the Design-Obsessed

Preserves Jars

Preserves glass jars by Mathias Hahn

Preserves by London designer Mathias Hahn. These coloured glass vessels, with concrete, brass and metal accents, are inspired by making jam.

Common forms of removing harmful agents from drinking water. Diagram also shows common harmful water bound agents and their effect on an individual if ingested.

Make Your Water Safe To Drink Even While Camping With This Infographic Diy Water Filter Purifying Wa 2

Tableware / Zaha Hadid + Gareth Neal. Image © Petr Krejčí

Ten Top Designers Get the Products of Their Dreams With "The Wish List"

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Made from bamboo in the USA and it's biodegradable. Bury in your backyard when you're finished using it.  Each purchase provides a toothbrush to a needy person.  Love this!

The Bogobrush, Biodegradable Bamboo Toothbrush

Go green while you brush your teeth. Bogobrush aims to not only produce a biodegradable toothbrush but to help someone in need with their plan to give a Bogobrush away to someone who needs one with every one that is purchased.

Art Center graduate envisions the BMW “i” of the future

For his bachelor thesis at Art Center, Chris Lee developed a line of concept cars envisioning a possible evolution of the BMW 'i' sub-brand in both the short and long term.

PUR Water Filter Review - I don't ever NOT have one of these hooked up on my kitchen faucet.

PUR Advanced Faucet Water Filter - Chrome: With the PUR mineralclear™ Vertical Faucet Water Filter, you’ll get up to 100 gallons of clean, filtered water. That’s months of crystal clean water right from your faucet.


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wine sippy cups for those of us who need it on the go! :) #WeFest

Stay classy with Sippy cup wine glasses. You know, for those times when you need your wine on-the-go.