Emociones Abstractas... Agnes-Cecile

Italian artist Agnes-Cecile (aka Silvia Pelissero) creates visually striking black-and-white portraits by dripping paint on blank canvases. ~ Visually Striking Black-And-White Portraits Created From Dripped Paint

Agata Wierzbicka is a Warsaw based freelance illustrator working mainly in fashion illustration ...

crossconnectmag: “ Illustrations by Agata Wierzbicka Agata Wierzbicka is a Warsaw, Poland based freelance interdisciplinary designer, who works on a junction of art and design. After having received.

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This achieves emphasis because it uses placement to create a focal point. The hand is place in the middle and the rest of the body surrounds it.

Shintaro Kago: Ilustraciones que sólo las personas más perversas comprenderán.

Ilustraciones que sólo las personas más perversas comprenderán

Shintaro Kago is a Japanese artist who is best known for his guro manga. He has a very graphic style, typical of manga, with an overblown pop styling to it.