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From Flora von Deutschland Along with conifers, poinsettias and holly, mistletoe is one of the plants most associated with this season.

Såpnejlika för rena kläder och ren hud | Morotsliv

Soapwort - Saponaria officials - (a. Bouncing Bet, Crowsoap, Soapweed) - Franz Eugen Köhler - free use, public domain Medicinal Plant botanical illustrations

Viola odorata, commonly known as sweet violet is a lovely edible flower.

About Sweet Violet flowers uses and benefits. Sweet violet flowers are strongly associated with love. Fun facts and superstitions about the Sweet Violet.

Flora von Deutschland Österreich und der Schweiz (1885)

All two of you reading these posts may have noticed that I am using where applicable the fantastic botanical illustrations of Otto Thome, not to be confused with Count Otto Black, the evil thief of…

Consolida_regalis Studio Naturopatico Donadoni Inverigo @blognaturopatia.com

Consolida_regalis Studio Naturopatico Donadoni Inverigo @blognaturopatia.com