Corvus' Miniatures - painted sf and fantasy miniatures by Gerrie Schenck: October 2013

95  Unbelievable Realistically Depicted Scale Models That Come To Life

Scale models have been along for a long time , but only since the they began to grow in popularity as a great hobby for children and grown-ups alike!

Alien 3: Alien Warrior - Deluxe Kit, Modell-Bausatz ...

Alien 3: Alien Warrior - Deluxe Kit, Modell-Bausatz ...

Au cœur du massif Franco-Jurassien, berceau historique de l’Horlogerie, la Maison Pequignet est une manufacture de luxe authentique qui perpétue la grande tradition horlogère au sein d’une Maison française indépendante, attachée à la qualité et l’amour de l’artisanat.

The Eagle Transporter is a fictional spacecraft and the iconic image of the television series Space: 1999 - LOVED this show!


scifi-fantasy-horror: Dragon by davidseguin

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Galileo is a multi-environment hover vehicle. It was intended for scientific exploration. It can handle in non-gravity space, atmospheric environments, as well as having submersible capabilities. I wanted to push an

Homeworld Ships To Scale (frigates) by doberman211

Rough at the moment as I cannot get the renders to display team colours. All ship images were extracted from the hod files therefore owned exclusively b. Homeworld Ships To Scale (frigates)

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This is a digitally rendered (in the style of watercolour) concept drawing of the UNSC Infinity from Halo The thing that I like about this piece is how the designer was able to use opacity and pressure to give a worn metal and metallic effect to the ship

"Man O War" Carrier / Destroyer - [EPhalanx - WIP]

"Man O War" Carrier / Destroyer - [EPhalanx - WIP] (concept ship for Star Citizen)