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Uh, I have VERY broad music tastes, and the biggest reason today's music so awful is because it's all the SAME.  Every female vocalist sounds like every other female vocalist.  No individuality, no stand out uniqueness.  Just the same old same old. Yawn.  Rap = broken record.  Pop = someone hit "repeat" too much.  So much bleah.

Music From The Past Vs. Music From The Present

I love you! Austin Carlile! Will you marry me?!?♥

There will never be a day where I stop loving Austin Carlile 😘

"Austin Carlile 333" by forever6a7x ❤ liked on Polyvore

Idc what you think Austin Robert carlile is perfect. "Meet my dedication, inspiration"

alex g, All Time Low

It's an Alex Gaskarth quote. I get very mad when people freak out if someone doesn't like their music.my friends hate most of the music I listen to.does that bother me. I love this quote!

of mice & men

Second & Sebring - Of Mice & Men This song was written by Austin Carlile for his mom who passed away when he was younger~