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study found - women who carry a little extra weight live longer than men who mention it :P

Totally relating to this one...!

Do you ever get the feeling that your Fairy Godmother stepped out for a smoke? - I could sure use mine right now.

The top 20 travel quotes to inspire your travel adventures.

The Top 20 Travel Quotes

I might make s suggestion box and put this in it. Humorous quote for everybody - Funny Pictures, Awesome Pictures, Funny Images and Pics


You dont have to be crazy to work here.well train you This handcrafted sign is on a painted worn finish. This sign measures 4 x 12 inches.

Harsh but true...

haha "When women wear makeup, they're basically lying to us." I don't see why I'm being blamed for a man stupid enough to think I have GOLD EYELIDS!

This I am to Hayden, Brynn & my Bria-bear❣

Be someone's crazy aunt - from my sister-in-law! I am pretty sure that is a compliment!

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It's hard to be optimistic when your fat pants are even tight -- diet motivation quote

Goodnight!!!^.^ I have a report for school I have to get done. I have until the end of May u.u SO MUCH WORK THAT I DON'T WANNA DO XD haha :P it's all good tho. God has blessed me with the opportunity to be homeschooled. And homeschooling benefits me a lot... So I'm thankful :) don't forget to thank Jesus for all of the wonderful things He has given you!:) don't forget that if y'all happen to need ANYTHING at all!!!- you can comment on anything, or message me!:) love y'all! Sleep well :)~Ally…

well, i failed!