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Hiroshima Lantern Festival: Held annually in August. Each lantern is inscribed a message that family and friends want to send to the deceased, or the wishes of nuclear weapons and the bloody war will never happen.

10. Up Helly Aa Fire Festival - Scotland--occurs the last Tuesday of January each year. Marches, visitations, all ending with the burning of a replica of Viking longship or galley. Tradition dictates that the person serving as a guizer or "jarl" has to be part of a certain committee for 15 years before being to take on that role. Only one person is admitted to the committee each year.

Up Helly Aa, Shetland, 2013 Photo: This Photo was uploaded by norseman_photo. Find other Up Helly Aa, Shetland, 2013 pictures and photos or upload your .

I would look at this all night long until the last lantern switched off

Lantern Festival, Honolulu, Hawaii I've always loved any thing with Lanterns. and these are on the water instead of in the air, which i've never seen before!