Wolf's Monastery 01

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Lego Castle with waterfall, click and check out the detail pics: amazing.    I want to play with legos!

Tahnakai Falls: A LEGO® creation by Brian Corredor A LOT going on in here.


I guess that means I have too many legos now. Sorry bricklink sellers!

Lego Cathedral | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Apse castle made of legos-play with your child. Children love it when parent participate and not just supervise. Memories of the times parents actually play with a child are priceless,

. Nexo Knight Powers! Merlok's _real_ Library!

i desited to make this topic so that people can much easier get to find the Nexo Knights powers that you can use in the Nexo Knight app game. but its not a complete list, you see, i need to take images of the nexo knig…

Nexo Knights Party | CatchMyParty.com

Lego Knights Party Birthday Party Ideas

Partyummy's Birthday / Lego Knights Party - Nexo Knights Party at Catch My Party

Great site for instructions for Lego sets dating back to 1966.  I'm predicting serious lengthening of the pick-a-brick list.

Free LEGO® Instructions by theme. Great source for the lego instructions that were eaten by our puppy.

Centaur Knight is here to eat hay and look majestic, and he’s all out of hay

Centaur Knight is here to eat hay and look majestic, and he's all out of hay