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Yeas, sometimes I do miss you my used-to-be-bestfriend.!

I miss texting each other everyday. I miss late night phone calls until one of us passes out. I miss cuddling in my living room watching movies. I miss kissing in private because you're shy. I miss how you used to care about me.

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I miss you. I feel in love with you! You were the only one that could make me laugh until tears stung my eyes. Now I never hear a word.

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Yes...so true. I do love you. Very very very unimaginably much.

Steven I love you. No matter what. I'm sorry about the little things that I do that hurt you. I guess I still need work. But I love you and I am never ever going anywhere. I love you Steven.

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I know u had a little inclination on me. after I expressed u came out loudly I kiss u💋

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Definitely getting to this point; getting pulled back in only to be pushed away again - watching him destroy himself and I don't have the power to do anything