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My name is Gandalf the Grey and I am a ten week old Newfoundland puppy. Some of my favorite things to do include playing with my big brother and sister, chasing the kitty cats, chewing on everything I can find and taking naps with my mommy and daddy!

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two Newfies Such great kid dogs! They love the water, they're considered the number one dog for people with children, and THEY LOOK LIKE BEARS!


This is the kind of puppy Luke and I want once we're in our new house!

Ain't no way they will ever want to be apart from you, so keep taking good care of your Newfy. He will never let you down. See why at https://barkingtails.com

Your Newfoundland Will Eventually Stop Needing You and Ditch You, So Get Ready

Newfoundlands originated from the island of their namesake in the century. They were used primarily for pulling nets and boat lines and were bred to further enhance their abilities. Because of their excellent swimming abilities, they were eventually u

The exact look Lucy gives me when I find her chomping on my slippers.... Or shoes.... Or the kid's toys... Or the wall....

The exact look Lucy gives me when I find her chomping on my slippers. Or shoes. Or the wall.

Landseer Newfie mommy and baby

Medved Newfoundland Puppies and Newfoundland Dogs for Sale from Windancer Newfoundlands

Newfoundland...looks like a bear.  Best tempered dogs! ♥ ...tiny lapdog, trapped in a big dog's body.

One of the best tempered dogs! a tiny lapdog, trapped in a big dog's body

Newfoundland Puppy

Black Dog Syndrome: A Fatal Label For Dogs

Looks like my Dezi.:-) Dezi is a black lab / newfoundland cross. She is going to be a big girl!