fiori e viori lilla

Beautiful Lilacs from Aiken House & Gardens: Utterly Feminine


May Flower - Lily of the Valley - French tradition of giving Lily of the Valley - Muguet - on the may

Aiken House & Gardens: It's Lilac Season in our Garden

From my board "Lilac Country Cottage.

Pretty white and pink floral arrangement.

I love Flowers everywhere.



Fabulous flower by I'llony's  “FLOWBULOUS” photo book .

Delicate Blooms // SMT Flower Bomb www.

Lilac  "Beauty Of Moscow"

Beauty of Moscow Is a Bittersweet Lilac Delight


Gorgeous Flower Arrangement Ideas from an Expert Floral Designer

An Expert Floral Designer Shares Her Arranging Secrets

Lilac Facts - What You Should Know About Lilacs

12 Facts Every Lilac Lover Should Know

Definitely one of my favorite flowers. Facts every lilac lover should know! There are more than varieties of lilac bushes and trees.


Simple arrangement of lilac sprigs. Producing both nectar and pollen, lilac shrubs (Ceanothus spp.) produce quintessential blossoms for honey bees.


pink flowers in glass container


Anemone,tulips and muscari! by Divonsir Borges

This for my antique bedside table. With a lace table runner.

This for my antique bedside table. With a lace table runner.


one of my favorites, lilacs in a jar ♥