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Ecobonus: come usufruire del credito d'imposta La legge di stabilità introduce importanti novità riguardo all'Ecobonus, tra queste il credito d'imposta trasferibile alle imprese esecutrici dei lavori. Nel Testo sono molte le novità, tra que #detrazioni #edilizia #ecobonus

L’Agenzia delle Entrate spia i conti correnti: ecco chi rischia

Io non lo Rifiuto. Io lo Riciclo®, la raccolta differenziata premiante

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Up to half of Europe’s doctors think being gay is a disease

Gender reveal

How different are men and women for real? Here’s a visual breakdown of some of main differences, both in society and biology. Even though we’re all supposed to be equal.

#Mozambico, le #alluvioni causano 36 morti

#Mozambico, le #alluvioni causano 36 morti

From the Cafe blog ...   "Don’t be manipulated by fear - the Syrian refugees are human beings in need . . " @danerickson8   Catch Dan and "Is America A Christian Nation?" . . at LifeNotes . . the Cafe blog . .

A refugee set herself on fire to avoid going back to an immigration detainment camp. The camp houses refugees on an isolated island in inhumane conditions. Take a stand for human rights and demand that this repressive camp be closed.

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European Strike, people of Europe, rise up !

#erbschaft #immobilien #fonds

Erbschaftsteuerfestsetzung: Bewertung von Anteilen an einem offenen Immobilienfonds

Alternanza scuola lavoro

Alternanza scuola lavoro

Are you thinking of expanding your business? Think of choosing merchant services

Are you thinking of expanding your business? Think of choosing merchant services

CM2 Dolomieu régions et départements

CM2 Dolomieu régions et départements

The Revolution of Darkness!:              is it                            Y...

The Revolution of Darkness!: is it Y...


Researchers have created a cognitive model, made up of two million interconnected artificial neurons, able to learn to communicate using human language starting from a blank slate. The system learns, only by way of communication with a person.

Commercio online: la Sardegna è la quarta regione italiana per imprese

Commercio online: Sardegna quarta regione italiana per imprese

Although alcohol use has a definite place in modern society and is enjoyed by many, the chronic use of alcohol can have significant risks to your body.

Drinking Dangers: Alcohol and the Human Body

25 Negative side effects of drugs 10 Effects of Alcohol on the Body // More than 2 million Americans have alcoholic liver disease