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Apple e tasse: Oltre 300 milioni pronti ad essere restituiti Si è conclusa la diatribe che vedeva di fronte Apple e l'Agenzia delle Entrate. Dopo mesi di trattative, il colosso americano dovrà rimborsare al nostro Stato circa 318 milioni. Importante risultato  #fisco #apple #evasionefiscale

Apple e tasse: Oltre 300 milioni pronti ad essere restituiti

How to spot fake Jawbone UP fitness activity tracker

After months of teasers we can finally let you in on a secret. Jawbone Up is a motion sensing fitness bracelet that tracks your daily activity, workouts, and phases of sleep. Remove the silver cap.

Japan very nearly lost Tokyo-Japan's prime minister at the time of the 2011 earthquake and tsunami has revealed the country came within a "paper-thin margin" of a nuclear disaster requiring the evacuation of 50 million people.

Five years after Fukushima, the then prime minister reveals the 'paper-thin' margin that stood between his country and an unimaginable future.


Fukushima radiation leaks reach deadly new high: Since March 2011 Nuclear Power Plants Disasters 910 Workers Deaths.

Twitter purchased SecondSync and Mesagraph.

Twitter buys UK 'social TV' firm SecondSync

Maker Faire is an annual festival that celebrates everything do-it-yourself. The San Francisco Bay Area’s best inventors, creators, and designers show off their latest projects in a science fair for all ages, but it feels more like a tech carnival. This show has everything: Tesla coils! Robots! Fire! Bikes of all shapes and sizes! In between checking out exhibits, you can make your own jewelry or learn how to use a soldering iron—all in one day. Here are some of my favorite highlights

From bartending robots to giant board games, this year's Bay Area Maker Faire was full of fun and unique exhibits.

The latest rumored specs for iPad mini 2 include 1GB of RAM, a new 64-bit A7 chip, M7 motion coprocessor, and of course the fingerprint security as well. Will you be willing to pay more than $330 for this upgrade, and if so how much more?

Report: Upgraded spec, lighter iPad Mini expected later this year, ‘almost bezel-free’ Retina version next year

Inside Kim’s secret army

Inside Kim’s secret army

F.B.I. Error Locked San Bernardino Attackers iPhone

F.B.I. Error Locked San Bernardino Attacker’s iPhone

Error Locked San Bernardino Attacker’s iPhone

China looks to meat exports to boost ties to Arab world - The Washington Post

China looks to meat exports to boost ties to Arab world

From Chinese, hopes that frozen packs of hallal meat can help build economic bridges to the Arab world.