Pret A Diner sponsored by Veuve Clicquot. Photo credit Annabel Moeller.

Nob Hill Underground Hive [London´s Old Vic Tunnels Space. The Old Vic Tunnels Space was an underground arts venue and performance space beneath Waterloo train station in London. The space consisted of almost square feet of unused railway tunnels.

Chic! On se régale à Brooklyn - Châtelaine

Chic! On se régale à Brooklyn

Bonanza Coffee Heroes in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg - Without question, one of the best cups of coffee in Berlin. The "flat white" is a popular favorite, so drink one, but also make sure you have the guys fresh-grind some beans to take home.

Zjedz Berlin - Bonanza Coffee Heroes (Co Dziś Zjem Na Śniadanie?