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Zoro x Sanji #one piece #zosan

I can't be the only one who thinks this is true, can I? If I had to pick one pairing in all of anime, I think Roronoa Zoro and Sanji take the cake .

Usopp Motivational Poster 2 by ~caitkitty on deviantART

Or your face will stay the way Usopp's is. Usopp Belongs to Oda Zoro Belongs to Oda Sanji Belongs to Oda Usopp Motivational Poster 2

Is it just me or did they make zoro skinnier in the second one

Zoro in the first pic is wayyyyy toooooo sexy! I love hime more in the first pict, but the second pict is fine too

For one shining moment, he had his army :)

For one shining moment, he had his army. Usopp - One Piece

We can let all our dirty minds decide what's going on for our selves

Mensajes 🌼 SanjiZoro ; One Piece

One Piece summed up in one sentence

One Piece summed up in one sentence. Zoro: "Hey, Luffy's befriending another weirdo.

Ah~ My SanjixZoro ship is sailing well on the Thousand Sunny.

I only ship straight couples but this is adorable XD One Piece Zoro and Sanji