12 Unusual and Upcycled Container Gardens    There's no need to spend big bucks on planters and flower pots. Look around the house or scour thrift stores and flea markets for unique vessels to hold plants, herbs and vegetables.

13 Unusual and Upcycled Container Gardens

Create a Mobile Container Garden ● Diy ● Add portable green space to your patio using galvanized metal trash cans and casters.

Flowering perennials for shade

Flowering perennials for shade - Sound Native Plants

Tiarella 'Spring Symphony' (Foamflower)

Tiarella 'Spring Symphony' (Foamflower): x / PSh-FSh / med growth / blooms Esp, msp, lsp, esu / moist soil and full shade preference. can be evergreen in some locations

July garden - bright red annual poppies

Plant this -- July garden - bright red annual poppies

Dave's Garden: Poor Man's Orchid, Mariposita Cordillerana (Little Mountain Butterfly) Schizanthus grahamii

Schizanthus grahamii "Butterfly Flower" bright shade I actually prefer the bright yellow rudbeckia in the background, which manages to die every winter in my garden.

Garden Containers… Some ideas  putting a couple pots in a box still alows plays without the wood going bad!

Flower pots grouped in a vintage box, Use the old box from the farm.I already have the vintage box.

shade loving plants melbourne australia - Google Search

shade loving plants melbourne australia - Google Search

Flossflowers or Ageratum emits a smell which mosquitos find particularly offensive. It secretes coumarin, which is widely used in commercial mosquito repellent.  Ageratum is a perenial plant which reaches heights of 8-18” & has blue flowers, although there are varieties with pink, white & violet blooms. This plant will thrive in full or part sun & doesn't require rich soil. Good in rock gardens.Leaves can be crushed to increase  odor, its not advisable to rub directly on the skin.

5 Easy to Grow Mosquito-Repelling Plants - Before reaching for the chemical sprays, try planting these easy-to-grow plants which have natural mosquito-repelling properties.